Standing water is not only harmful to your property but also injurious to your health. The first 24 hours after flood damage is crucial; you should start the restoration process early. At Water Extraction Hilldene, we offer an express booking service to restore your property as quickly as possible.

      If you neglect, it may lead to mould growth and damage the foundation of your property. Our dedicated technicians are committed to saving your property and repairing the damage. After an assessment, we will check the quality of water and the intensity of the damage. After that, we will prepare a plan to restore the area. Water extraction is a part of our restoration service. In Hilldene, we provide end-to-end service to meet all your needs.

      Emergency Flood Restoration Melbourne use advanced equipment like truck-mounted pumps to remove the standing water. We have other advanced technologies like wet vacuums, moisture detectors, dehumidifiers, blowers and fans to extract hidden water and moisture from the flooded area.

      Many homeowners like to apply DIY solutions because it is affordable, but they forget that it cleans the surface from the outside. The surface may look clean, but moisture is hidden in the carpets, back walls and other hidden surfaces. Indeed, it is difficult to extract the hidden elements that are why you need water extraction cleaning. Hilldene is a major location where we provide our services.

      We charge a reasonable amount for our services because we use high-quality equipment to provide the services. Besides that, it is a risky task, and we take the risk to help you get rid of this headache. Please book an appointment for express restoration services with us.

      Water Extraction Hilldene Process

      We understand how you feel when you observe standing water in your kitchen or toilet. We resolve these issues within a couple of hours. Here is an overview of the water extraction Hilldene process:

      Safety Assessment

      Our professionals will first find out the source of flooding and inspect the situation, assess the risk associated with this task and make sure there are no biohazards and utility supply at the flooded area.

      Offer a Quote

      After inspection, technicians offer a quote with estimated time and assessment details. If you agree to work with us, we will start the restoration process.


      We start by moving the furniture and electrical appliances to prevent standing water from leaking into other spaces. We also made a containment system to control the water spread. We mainly use foam spray for this.

      Water Extraction and Drying

      We use truck-mounted machines to remove the standing water. Besides that, we use wet vacuums, dehumidifiers, blowers and fans to dry out the surface. We also check the moisture level with advanced tools and make sure the area is properly cleaned.


      Using eco-friendly cleaners and biocides, our experts sanitize the area. It also works as mold remediation and ensures the safety of your family.


      We monitor the area again and check the temperature, moisture level. We continue our process until they are within safe levels. After that, we will provide a report of our water extraction Hilldene services. It helps in your insurance claims.

      Call us today to know more about our services. We are available 24/7.

      Types of Water Extraction

      Not all water extraction methods are the same. However, hot and cold water extraction processes are popular in Australia. As a service provider, we prefer hot water extraction. Hilldene is a major location where we provide our services.

      It eliminates the dust, dirt, and viruses trapped in the carpets’ fabrics. It is also highly effective to restore the appearance of the carpets, upholstery.

      However, cold water treatment is also good, and we use it on several occasions. It depends on a few factors such as:


      It does not require heat, so it is pollution-free, and workers do not inhale the chemicals released from the Heat Jet.

      Energy Usage:

      Cold water extraction uses less energy. It does not require much energy to heat up water.

      Quality Cleaning: 

      However, the hot water technique is more effective than cold water extraction. Our professionals decide it after the assessment.

      Eco-friendly Cleaning:

      If you want eco-friendly treatment, then the cold-water technique is better. It is pollution-free but not as effective as hot water treatment.


      Though hot water provides better results; it is not cost-effective. That is why many homeowners prefer cold water extraction. Hilldene is a flood-prone area, so both of these treatments are available here.

      As we have already said, it depends on the size and condition of the carpets. If you need water extraction services, please contact us and book an appointment. Our professionals will inspect the area and decide the best water extraction process.

      Why Should You Choose Us for Water Extraction Hilldene?

      If you are facing a catastrophe and need urgent reinforcement, you should call Water Extraction Hilldene professionals.

      Advanced Technology:

      We use industry-grade technology to provide effective services.

      End-to-End Service: 

      We provide flood restoration, water extraction, carpet cleaning and sewage cleaning services. You will get all these services under one roof.

      Emergency Service:

      We have dedicated teams to serve you in times of emergency. We are available 24/7 for water extraction cleaning. Hilldene is a low-lying land, so we have prepared teams to serve you in a better way.

      Cost-effective Solution:

      We charge a reasonable amount for quick restoration services. The process takes only a couple of hours, which means you will quickly get rid of the headache.

      Trust and Support:

      With our hard work, skills and dedication, we have gained the trust and authority in our locality.

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