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Water coming back from the toilet seats or drains could be a cause of concern for the property owners. A bathroom is supposed to be clean all the time. But, an incident like flooding could make the place unhygienic. Moreover, the risks of infections increase if you take shower in a dirty bathroom. Wondering how to control the water damage? Firstly, you can use some tools to clean and control the situation. Next, you can ask the water damage restoration specialists to clean the flooded area. In this article, you would know about the reasons for flooding in the bathroom and tools that could be used to clean the mess.

What Causes Flooding in Bathrooms?

If sewage backs and flooding are common in your house, then you should pay attention to the following reasons:

1. Clogged Toilet Pipes

Sometimes, people don’t focus on proper disposal of paper products. Sanitary products, diapers, toilet papers and many other things go into toilet pipes. With time, the pipes get choked. The water is unable to pass smoothly into the sewer line. That’s why the problem of sewage backup occurs.

2. Broken Pipelines

The water pipelines in your walls and floors could burst at any time if they are not repaired or replaced on time. You may require flood clean up service if the pipes are corroded or broken. To prevent the pipes from causing damage, you need to hire plumbers for regular inspections.

3. Clogged Drains

Pet hairs, mud particles, soap scums, human hairs and skin flakes are some elements that clog the drains in the bathroom. These things don’t let the water pass through the drains easily.

Main Tools Required for Flooded Bathroom Clean Up

The tiles, walls and floors in the bathroom often get wet when you take shower. That’s why the problems like bacteria growth, stains and mould infestation increase in the bathroom area. If you have been facing problems because of a flooded bathroom, then you can use the following tools.


It is an easy-to-use tool that is helpful in digging and picking up waste. This handy tool is used extensively for cleaning waste after flooding. If there is lots of mud, debris or waste in your bathroom, you can use shovels to clean the place.

Toilet Plunger

When you don’t flush the paper products properly in the toilets, sewage water comes up. It is dangerous as it contains faecal matter. To prevent flooding, it is important to remove the clogs. This work could be done by a plunger. In this tool, there is a rubber flap and a stick.

When you place this tool in the toilet bowl, suction is created. The filth accumulated in the pipe goes down the sewer line and pipe becomes clear.

Scrubbing Machine

The water could cause serious damage to the bathroom. Tiles, toilet seats and walls become ruined because of dark water. The stains, mould and dirt stuck on the tiles and walls must be cleaned within a few hours of flooding. If you fail to clean the dirt on time, you may harm your health.

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours scrubbing the tiles with brushes. These days, electric spinning scrubber machines are used to clean the bathroom. Professionals prefer this machine for flood clean up. With help of this device, it becomes easy for the cleaners to scrape off the dirt and unwanted particles from different places in bathroom.

Plumbing Snake

If water accumulates near drains and can’t pass through them, then it is an indicator of blockage. You could use a drain snake to resolve this problem. The end of the tool is coiled. You can remove the drain guard and put cleaning tool inside the drain. You have to push pipe until it reaches the clogged area. Once it touches the blockage, you have to constantly push the pipe until the debris is pushed forward. You can turn on the tap or pour hot water into drain to eliminate the blockage smoothly.

Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Minor wet spills on the bathroom floor could be cleaned with a wet vacuum cleaner. It is a compact device that doesn’t take much space and can be used on daily basis in the house. If you use this device after flooding, you would get an excellent result.

Steam Mop

With the advancement in technology, it has become possible to clean the wet surfaces with steam. In the steam mop, there is a chamber for water. The mop works like a vacuum cleaner. The steam continuously dissolves the stains and kills the germs. On the other hand, vacuum cleaner collects dirty water.

Water Extraction Pump 

In case of severe flooding, lots of water accumulates in the shower area. To get rid of gallons of water in one go, the experts use a water extraction pump. Within a few minutes, the water would be directed to the main sewer line.

Why Hire Professionals for Water Damage Restoration?

There are several risks associated with the sewage water. You could suffer from infections and allergies by leaving the water untreated. Professionals know how to reduce the impact of flooding on health and property. They use modern methods and try to make the flooded area a safe place.

With help of the best products and machines, the experts are able to restore the tiles and other accessories in the bathroom. The experts wear safety gear and clean everything thoroughly. You just need to hire the experts at right time. They would bring their equipment and use a customised plan for cleaning the bathroom. After cleaning, the specialists sanitise and deodorise the bathroom. Isn’t it a convenient process? So, avoid using DIY hacks and hire experienced workers as soon as possible.


A wet and dirty bathroom could attract various kinds of germs. The flooding could occur due to any one of the reasons explained above. You could analyse the reason and then clean the bathroom. The tools mentioned above could be beneficial in handling the situation at an initial stage. If the damage is severe, then you should not wait. Immediately ask the trained experts to clean the bathroom.


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