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Carpet flooring gives your house an elegant and classic look. However, it is really difficult to maintain it and protect it from getting wet. Stains, water leakage, flooding, growth of mold on it are the most common reasons your carpet can get damaged. Water damaged carpets are extremely unsightly and do not come without health threats. Services for water damaged carpet drying  are highly proficient in the cleaning procedure for carpets and rugs.

Read on to know what steps you can take to restore your water damaged carpet:

1.  Finding out the origin of the water

Is it dripping from the ceiling? Has it entered your house by way of the pipes in the plumbing of your house? Or has the water entered because of the faulty drainage system? You need to investigate the origin and then you will know what needs fixing in order to restore the water damaged carpet.

2. Use a wet vacuum that will suck up the water

Dry your carpets immediately. Thereafter, sprinkle baking soda uniformly all over it. Turning on the humidifier would reduce the moisture inside the room. This step stops the moulds and bacteria from growing on the carpets. You can also use ceiling or table fans to speed up the drying.

3. Steam vapour systems are effective in killing the bacteria and mould that grow on wet carpets.

Which is why there is a pathetic smell that emanates from the carpet when there is growth of mould on it. Afterwards, spray sanitizer on it to kill any remaining germs.

4. Call professional best sewer line cleaner.

Their job is to clean and repair damaged carpets.

Carpets damaged due to water and leakage are more likely to be breeding grounds for molds and bacterial organisms. They reduce the durability and spoil the appearance of the carpets. Contact Emergency Flood Restoration Melbourne to restore your carpets back into a good condition. So, if your carpet is water damaged you know whom to contact in Melbourne!

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