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Guidelines for  Sewer Line Prevention

Sewer backup is very costly; it leads to mould growth and complete structural damage. The situation can be worse on your commercial premises. How can you prevent this? A regular plumbing inspection can prevent it. Most of the sewage backup causes are man-made, so read this post to know more about it.

Please note that black water cleaning is a risky task, and it demands training, equipment and practices. Please consult with flood restoration experts to get rid of this problem.

Do Not Flush Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable materials like plastics cause sewer line clogging. Moreover, the accumulation of food waste can reach the point of blockage. Do not drain oils, fats, and grease substances. It can be prevented if you are aware of the flushing.

It is easier to prevent in residential houses. However, it would be best if you placed trash bins in the bathroom and kitchen in your commercial premises. Besides that, you should encourage the employees not to throw food waste, plastics, paper cups in the flush.

Prevent Tree Root Infiltration

Roots are one of the common causes of clogging. You can choose any of the following options to prevent it.

Remove Trees

Removing trees near the sewer line is a permanent and effective solution. However, the disadvantage is that removing trees is not eco-friendly.

Root Prevention Treatment

It kills the parts of the roots that infiltrate the sewer lines, but it does not damage the trees. If you want an eco-friendly solution, you can try this.

Watch Vent Pipe

Vent pipe passes air through the drain pipes and helps in sewer water flow. It is just like a straw- when you put your finger on one end of the straw, the fluid will not flow out from the other end. The same thing happens in drain pipes.

Septic tank and plumbing system management is a complex task, and it should be done by experts. However, you can check the vent pipe; if it is blocked, please do not implement any DIY solution without the assistance of the best sewer line cleaner in your locality.

Test Water Pressure

Checking the water pressure ensures the fixtures, faucets and pipe connections are working smoothly because high pressure may damage the plumbing system or lead to leakages.

If regular checking of water pressure seems like a hassle, you can install a pressure regulator which provides better protection and keeps water pressure at an optimal level.

Look Inside the Drain

It is a good idea to have a video sewer inspection; you need to hire sewage tank cleaning services. Professionals come with mini cameras, drain snakes, hydro jets to assess the condition inside the sewer lines. It helps you to repair issues before they accumulate and causes system breakdown.

Regular Cleaning

Routine cleaning removes the elements that cause clogging before the backup. While you can keep your residential plumbing system clean with vinegar, baking soda and hot water- it may not be the case for a commercial plumbing system because it is more complex to clean. Hiring the best sewer line cleaner adds expenses for your business but saves money in the long run.

Other Things You Should Follow

  • Though the following tips seem like very obvious things, many property owners make these mistakes. Please avoid these:
  • Do not dig without knowing where your septic tank and sewer lines are.
  • Do not start any construction or landscaping project without considering the plumbing system.
  • Do not try complicated plumbing tasks that you do not know.
  • Use protective gear while cleaning black water.
  • Do not neglect minor pipe leakages or roof seepage.

Call Experts

If you find symptoms like slow drainage, bad odour, black water backup, please do not neglect the issues. If you think you cannot control or do not know about the issue, please feel free to call our sewer tank cleaning services. If you neglect these points, you may not face problems immediately, but it causes flooding in the rainy season.

Scheduled plumbing inspections and maintenance is the best solution to prevent any damages. If you find this post helpful, you can consult with our experts.

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